Friday, June 25, 2010

Benefit Art Show

Art Benefit and raffle for tattooist, Matty No Times...

For Image and further details:

On September 9, 2009, Matty No Times (Three Kings Tattoo) noticed that his legs had become severely swollen. He went to an emergency room and three hours later, after multiple blood tests, was informed that he was in liver failure (see details below). Now, about 8 months later, Matty is on his way back but is in severe financial debt.
A group of all star artists have joined together for a remarkable show to help Matty pay off his medical expenses. The show will be at the YES Gallery ( located at 147 India Street and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) The exhibition will run from July 17th to July 23rd with a special opening reception on Saturday, July 17th from 5 - 10PM at YES Gallery with special Guest DJ Jesse Jones (Yuppicide).

ALL ART IS $350 OR LESS, and raffle goodies from KCDC Skate Shop, Tattoo Elite International, Waverly Color Company and more. The goal of this exhibition is not only to support Matty No Times, but to also present a spectacular array of noted artists, allowing our friends and peers, art lovers and collectors to view and obtain works that are both affordable and of exceptional quality, and to do this while we help out our friend and colleague. This is going to be an amazing, HUGE art exhibition with some incredible artists donating art. Don’t miss it!!

Contributing artists: Chris O’Donnell -- Scott Campbell -- Ed Hardy -- Eddie Deutsche -- Florian Bertmer -- Timothy Hoyer -- Regino Gonzales -- Kelly Krantz -- Robert Atkinson -- Henry Lewis -- Grime -- Gillian Goldstein -- Mike Rubendall -- Michelle Tarentelli -- Scott Sylvia -- James O’Brien -- Fernando Lions -- Chad Koeplinger -- Jesse Jones -- Todd Noble -- JK6 -- Phil Holt -- Troy Denning -- Jon Mirro -- Seth Ciferri -- John Breiner -- Kristen Ferrell -- Nick Caruso -- Dennis McNett -- Thomas Hooper -- Nikki Balls -- Adam Patterson -- Jamie Ruth -- Dawn Cook -- SINNED -- Amanda Lynn -- Kevin LeBlanc -- Horitaka -- Daniel Albrigo -- Juan Puente -- Steve Byrne -- Ethan Morgan -- Danielle Distefano -- Kiku Iioka -- Oscar Garcia – AKO -- Josh Lord -- Stephanie Tamez -- David Cavalcante -- Daniel Mirro -- Matt Greenhalgh -- Jeff Srsic -- Steve Huie -- Tomas Garcia -- Zoe Sonenberg -- Seth Wood -- Sweety -- Diego Mannino -- John Reardon -- Chris Conn -- David Sena -- Erick Reith -- Marina Inoue -- Chuck Daly -- Jason Kundell -- Marcus Kuhn -- Brad Fink -- Adam Hays -- Charlie Foos -- Dima Drjchuin -- Brad Stevens -- Jen Lee -- Levi Polzin -- Patrick Conlon -- Dan Taylor -- Zam -- King Ron -- Eric Zona -- Beau Brady -- Jason Flanell -- Becca Roach -- Matt Vancura -- Gianna Maria Galli -- Trevor Bittinger -- Kelly Vetter -- Andre Malcolm -- Aaron Coleman -- B.J. Betts -- NORM -- Byron Velasquez -- Rodrigo -- Melo -- Armando Rascon -- Jeremy Swed -- Adam Suerte -- Duane W. -- Peter Caruso -- Alex Mcwatt -- Myles Karr -- Mohawk John -- Paul Bosch -- Annie Lloyd -- Dan Trochio -- Josh Egnew -- Dan Sinnes -- Steve Burlton -- Jason -- Daquino -- Alex Wuillot -- Jeff P -- Jason June -- Rude Waterzooi -- Sarah Eave -- Brian Montuori -- Nille -- Eric Jones -- Magie Serpica -- Polly Hatter -- Sue Sattler -- Christopher Rini -- Mark Harada

ABOUT MATTY NO TIMES: A month and a half after Matty’s rush to the emergency room and having undergone batteries of grueling tests, doctors determined that his liver was beyond repair and he was put on a liver transplant list.
Like many of us, Matty did not have health insurance. Although he did enroll in a plan as was required in order to have the transplant, it has proved less than adequate, particularly since most of the expenses fell under pre-existing conditions. The liver alone was $250,000, and this does not include post-surgery weekly visits, the 6 weeks of hospitalization, or his medications. Between his emergency room visit and his transplant, Matty was in and out of the hospital with infections, adding to the staggering bills. During one of these visits, He was admitted and tests rated the severity of his condition as “29” on a scale that ran from 1 to 40. Anything above “25” is considered to be an emergency. Within three days he had gone off the chart at ”43”. Matty’s previously athletic body had ballooned to 300 pounds and most of his organs were shutting down.
On January 19, at the last possible minute, Matty got a liver transplant. It was successful. As soon as Matty could walk again he set his sights on getting his life back - family, tattooing, etc - but his hands were shaky and there was a chance he would never tattoo again. After being denied physical therapy by the hospital, he started his own therapy and soon regained control of his hands. He started going on walks, walking up and down stairs, and after 2 months he was back to running. Now, after just a little more than three months from the transplant, he is back to work full time, playing softball, hugging his family, and just being all around awesome.
So far everything is great and he is doing everything he can to stay healthy. The doctors are thrilled and amazed; however, Matty and his family have been financially crippled. Needless to say, Matty is an incredibly strong person to have survived such an ordeal. But he is also a caring, smart, creative, funny human being who needs our help.
Our community has only wonderful things to say about him. He has been dealt a rough blow, one that would be unfathomable to most of us. While we can’t put ourselves in Matty’s shoes, we can help. All proceeds from this show will go toward Matty's medical bills.

For further information please contact Jesse Lee at:

Wolf and Eagle Mandala Tattoo

I recently finished up the lower sleeve of this wolf and eagle mandala tattoo